Our Work

Impel’d (coming soon) is our answer to the stale online social networks that have basically evolved into us "hanging out" with our own phones. For people who would rather connect with others of similar interests, then get together and do things, Impel'd is the answer.

About Us

Dapptive brings together two key personality types — thinkers and doers — who, imagine, explore, test and execute new ideas, and make improvements to existing products.

With years of experience as entrepreneurs, marketers, designers and engineers who embrace all aspects of technology and social media, we work together as a team, constantly researching, brainstorming and experimenting, because that's what feeds the beast that drives us, i.e. think big, but make it happen.

Abby Sasira Managing Director /
Concept Developer
Arthur Alves Development Lead /
Android & iOS Developer
Bruno Lima Android Developer /
Android Evangelist & Speaker
Lucas Pugliese Android Developer
Soheill Deriss Commerical Director
Alex Frejrud Digital Strategist
Moira Ross Marketing Strategist

Board Members

Jonas Mårtensson CEO of Mojang / Minecraft
Robert H Ross Marketing Communications Consultant